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Who We Are

We created an independent Canadian trail running brand because we want to inspire people to get outside and explore this beautiful country! 

canadian trail running apparel company


We went on the most epic adventure. We lived in a camper van and travelled across the United States. A couple months into our trip, we knew when we got back home we would create this community & company.

In the United States, the running community is strong and well represented. We want to bring that to Canada! We have all the beautiful landscapes and mountains. We created Canadian Trail Running Co. to inspire people to get outside and explore the trails, meet fellow runners and appreciate the beauty. 

We're based in Hamilton, ON. Our apparel is designed and printed here in Canada, by Canadians. We're making the clothes that we would want to wear to go exploring. But above all, we want to create community. And we want you to be part of it whether you are a seasoned ultra runner or just found the magic of the trails. We hope you will join us!